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Trauma and Reconstruction

These include injuries to the scalp and face including cosmetically sensitive areas such as  eyes, lips, nose, eyebrows and ears. Hand injuries, including wounds, not infrequently require exploration to repair damage to skin, soft tissues, tendons, nerves and blood vessels.  Similarly, injuries may also involve the lower limb and trunk.

Skin Cancer Diagnosis & Management

The general incidence of skin cancer is increasing across the UK and Ireland.  The outcome is much improved if diagnosed early with timely management.  This includes treatment for suspicious lesions, basal cell carcinoma (rodent ulcer), squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma as well as rarer skin cancers.  Biopsies (including face and rest of body), wider excisions, reconstruction and sentinel node biopsy undertaken.  Complex individual cases are discussed at the Skin Cancer Meeting (MDT) with other Specialist colleagues to ensure optimal management is provided for the individual patient.

Benign Skin Conditions

Diagnosis and management of cysts, lipomas, moles, lumps & bumps and skin tags. These conditions can cause problems with function or appearance or both.

Perineal & Gynaecological Reconstruction

Reconstruction maybe required after removal of tumours affecting the female genitalia.  This may involve moving local tissue or the use of skin grafts.  

Birth trauma injuries to the labia include asymmetry and tears sustained as a result of birth.  These can cause problems with function, confidence and self esteem.  Close liaison and working with other Specialist colleagues including Gynaecology

Aesthetic / Cosmetic Surgery

Consultations undertaken for surgery of the breast (including reduction, uplift, exchange of implants, gynaecomastia, nipple inversion, areola reduction), abdominoplasty, weight loss, Scar management, facial surgery, labiaplasty and non-surgical facial rejuvenation.